October 28, 2020

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Why Have I Chosen The Online Quran Academy For Teaching The Quran To My Kids?

When the Holy Quran was revealed upon Muhammad S.A.W, the first five verses of the first revelation emphasized the need of learning the Quran. The Arabs were ignorant of the importance of learning and reading the Quran. Although Allah revealed three other holy books on His beloved prophets yet those books become extinct with time. Hence, there was no ultimate guideline for people to spend their lives according to Allah’s will. Every verse of the Quran was revealed to address a special purpose. Hence, every Muslim needs to learn and understand the Quran.

Your kids cannot discriminate between evil or good deeds unless you teach them. It is the responsibility of parents to find a professional Quran teacher for their kids. When you dwell in a non-Muslim state, learning the Quran becomes excessively difficult. In such a situation relying on the online Quran reading academy is a wise decision and I did the same. I contacted an experienced online Quran teaching academy for my kids. I was aware of the process of selection of time and teachers. Moreover, my kids and I were satisfied during the three-day trial session.

The flexibility of timings helped my kids to manage their school education and co-curricular activities as well. Finding a good teacher is no more difficult now. The teacher has a degree in Islamic education from Al-Azhar University, Egypt. Thanks to the internet for connecting with one of the world’s best Quran scholars. His professionalism bespeaks of his experience and credibility. Their teacher has made online Quran classes simpler and attractive by using audio-video conferencing techniques via Skype. The quiz-based lessons help my kids to build interest and simultaneously they get knowledge as well.

Their teacher fluently speaks English for a better understanding of my kids. Even many people prefer to learn the Quran in English but I preferred to learn it in Arabic. His way of teaching is incomparable with any other Quran teacher I have ever had. He took the start from Noorani Qaida and gradually moved to Quranic verses. He focused on the right pronunciation of Arabic alphabets by implementingTajweedrules. He gives examples from daily life to improve the pronunciation of my kids. During online Quran classes, my kids learned many duas, short surah, iman-e-mufasil, kalmia, wuzu and ghusal method, namaz, stories about lives of prophets, Islamic history, and many other things.

The teacher gives a specific time to my kids with dedication and consistency. I am satisfied with this home-based learning as it is safe and convenient. I can keep an eye on my kids as well. I keep track of the progress report of my kids. The monthly progress report system makes my kids passionate to improve their learning skills. My kids have developed an attachment with the Quran and Islam over time. They have started implementing rules of Islam in their lives. The online Quran reading academy is delivering quality Islamic education to Muslims all over the world. Alhumdulillah, my kids can recite the Quran elegantly and fluently.