October 29, 2020

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Auto-watch Ghost Immobilizer

Auto-watch Ghost Immobilizer

What Makes Auto-Watch Ghost Immobilizer Impenetrable?

What is Auto-watch Ghost Immobilizer?  

Auto watch Ghost Immobilizer is an advanced security system specifically designed for the protection of cars. It is compatible with all kinds of cars. It works on everything, ranging from average cars to luxurious BMW and SUVs. This system is popular for its functions. It has been approved by TASSA. TASSA is a 3rd party group, and they have analyzed to ensure Auto watch ghost immobilizer as one of the best and non-breakable security systems. It works quickly and efficiently against any injury to the car.   

Auto watch ghost immobilizers are also famous for their range of uses. They do not only protect your car from the inside but alert you of any damage and threat instantly. It has a great power space. Its efficiency is widely ranged. In case of car theft, you can reach your car up to 5 to 10 meters even while disarmed. That is only if the system can be bypassed by the thief that has proved itself to be nearly impossible? You can also demobilize your vehicle in a sequence of up to 20 meters! 

Security For peace of mind: 

The ghost immobilizer works in the most discreet ways. It is not your typical security system. The installation is done at an undetectable area. It does not have LED lights and Kry-fobs to give away its location. It requires a PIN from the user to ensure the safety of the vehicle. The PIN is entered in the form of steering wheel pressing using indicative keys pattern. The car starts if it is provided with an accurate pattern. It uses the buttons in your vehicle like penal to disarm itself.  

Prominent Features of Ghost Immobilizer: 

It is true that thieves steal the vehicle without the car keys. This method is used for many kinds of vehicle stealing. Only an expert thief can pull it off. Ghost immobilizer stops that from occurring. However, this point must be noted that it will not work even if your car keys are cloned. You can now prevent car theft by trusting reliable features of ghost immobilizer.  

  • It works by communicating with engines ECU. When you match the respective code to the chips of the engine, demobilization occurs. Because the system is complex that does not mean it will not deactivate easily. Users of Ghost Immobilizer can use keys inside of the car. 
  • It does not allow the transmission of harmfulradio frequencysignals. 
  • The companies always have backup emergency codes available. Mostly, it applies in situations of losing combination codes.

Can bypassing occur?

Without the correct sequence of codes, there is no danger. It is advisable to never share the correct code key with anyone. Engines coordinate with the codes and it cannot be accessed any other way. Engines will not work if the code is wrong. A user-generated PIN is necessary to run the engine. Even if you have the key, you have to bypass the codes. It proves to be an advantage in certain circumstances of key cloning. Many organized thefts manipulate the system through reading devices. But in this case, no detectable frequency signals will pass.  

In the case of sharing: 

Adding a PIN every time can sometimes become hectic. There is a Service Mode where you can deactivate the PIN easily andtemporarily. The designing is for situations where someone else drives your vehicle.

Installation of the product: 

 Secure My Vehicle takes a full guarantee of the installation of the system. The services are provided nationwide. Approved engineers program the system into your vehicles. The whole process is budget-friendly. The installation team books you for your time of installation. Risk are exclusively minimized. It does not just stop as it is a part of your vehicle. Proper testing and approving measures are taken. You receive a completion certificate for both party’s satisfaction. Only then you can enjoy your secured ride.