January 20, 2021

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what is digital marketing

what is digital marketing

Types of internet marketing

One of the advantages that the Internet offers us when doing digital marketing is that we can play with our creativity and with the interaction that users have with our campaigns. Unlike traditional marketing, Internet marketing allows us to reach many people in different contexts using different media texts.

That is why if your company is not yet doing Internet marketing, you are missing the opportunity to meet future clients or prospects.

We know that there are many myths about marketing on the Internet, such as if you create your fanpage or pay for Facebook ads you are already on the move, and that is why today we are going to discuss the types of strategies you can implement to do internet marketing and that your brand reaches more and better customers.

The interesting thing about inbound marketing is that it is a holistic concept, that is to say that the whole is the sum of its parts and in this case, all the strategies that we are going to teach you are small parts that form a giant industry like attraction marketing . However, as we always remind you, apply the ones that best suit the needs of your company and your objectives as a brand.

Types of internet marketing

We will start with the best known, marketing strategies on social networks.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks are a powerful tool but not everyone knows how to use them correctly. A good social media strategy is not just about making your profile and photos look pretty; To do social media marketing you need to design a strategy. The strong point of these platforms is the possibility of creating and interacting with an online community. Create your strategies to interact with your audience by giving them post and quality content.

Learn from the big brands by interacting with other brands, such as NASA and Marvel. Here among us, we love the NASA Community Manager.

Video Marketing

Videos have already been part of digital marketing strategies, but are you taking advantage of them as you should?

One of our favorite campaigns this 2018 was the one that Netflix made taking advantage of the premiere of Paquita Salas (a Spanish series with a rather peculiar character) on its platform. Netflix decided to take Paquita to many parts of Hollywood and Mexico , using as a pretext the premiere of another of his productions, the Casa de las Flores.

But you don’t need a famous character to make videos. Check out Sally Beauty Mexico and her empowering themed videos. While Sally’s flagship product is makeup, this did not stop them from creating one of the most eye-catching and inclusive campaigns on the market. Remember that one of the advantages of doing digital marketing with videos is that you can make your message reach more people and be clearer than it would be without audiovisual support.

Email Marketing

We have already explained to you that Email Marketing is one of the strategies that has increased its popularity the most in recent years , believe it or not! All this thanks to the fact that Inbound Marketing has been in charge of making the content shine on all things, so it is no longer just about sending sales emails but offering valuable information in a proper context.

If you think about it, it is normal that with emails being the first thing you check in the morning, it is very likely that you want to read the information of the sites you have subscribed to and more when you do not have to open your computer to do so . According to a survey carried out by Quartz in 2016, 94% of CEOs who were interviewed receive news or valuable information by email. Can you believe?