December 3, 2020

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Instagram Fashion Influencers UK

Top Fashion Influencers in the UK to Follow on Instagram

If you are looking for hiring clothing influencers for your brand or product marketing, have a look at the few points before choosing the top fashion influencers on Instagram from our list.

Things to consider while choosing the right influencers.

Define the target audience

You should always know what your audience is before you choose an influencer. The best and most suitable candidate will resonate with your audience’s likes, dislikes, and tastes. Before selecting an influencer, it is imperative to categorize your campaign. 

Is it for the general public or a targeted niche? 

These questions will help you find the person who can effectively engage and link with your targeted audience.

Venetia La Manna @venetiafalconer

She is a London based fashion influencer. With 126k followers, she is among the top clothing influencers on Instagram. Her Bio mentions her as a broadcaster and a fair fashion campaigner. Her styles are subtle yet trendy. With a quest for styling the used garments, her fashion tips revolve around sustainability.

If you are one who is looking for an anti-fast fashion and pro-sustainability campaigner, she is the one to contact.

Hannah Crosskey, @hannahcrosskey

Hannah is another UK based fashion influencer on Instagram. Her designs are elegance personified. She lives in Brighton, UK, and currently has more than 130k followers. For all those who like to go minimalistic yet trendy, she is your girl.

She is not just a fashion influencer but a content creator and an inspiration for interior design.

Bettina Looney, @bettinalooney

With a spot-on sense of style, she is the next on our list of Instagram fashion influencers based in the UK. Her Instagram is full of fashion inspirations for you. after going through her profile, you would certainly want to upgrade your wardrobe. 

Her Instagram is not just about fashion and clothes. She also lets you look at her private life, trips, and time spent with her loved ones. Opening up with the Instagram followers is an excellent strategy to increase engagement on your posts.

Lisa Aiken, @lisa.aiken

For fashion influencer marketing, we introduce you to Lisa Aiken. She is one of the most followed fashion and clothing influencers on Instagram.

Her styles are everything that you need to set yourself apart from a crowd. Lisa’s Instagram is filled with casual as well as formal looks. Go through her profile to get a dose of style as her posts are brimming with trendiness. You also get to look at her personal life. 

Lucy Williams, @lucywilliams02

With 483k followers, she owns a vast Instagram profile. Lucy Williams Bio also mentions her interest in interior design beyond being a fashion influencer. So, we can understand Lucy holds a creative spirit through and through.

Her spectrum of looks, from casual to formal, all are attention-grabbing. You won’t help but go from one post to another on her Instagram profile.

She gets thousands of likes on her posts. So, her followers like what she says and suggest. Beyond the profile of a fashion influencer, her account is full of glimpses from her personal life. Her adventurous spirit is oozing from her pots.  She has also been working on a jewelry line with the brand Missoma for the last two years.