December 2, 2020

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Top 6 Camera Centric Smartphones One Can Purchase Today

Confused as to which is the best camera phone? It is a difficult question as the camera tech becomes more advanced every day. Even a full-time photographer can use an advanced camera phone instead of their bulky DSLR. You can use your camera phone to capture the things that inspire you.

It is true that most smartphones now come with decent cameras. Some smartphones are placed higher than other smartphones just based on their camera quality. From a single camera to quad cameras, smartphones are evolving every single day. If you are looking for a good camera smartphone, then you can check these six smartphones.

Google Pixel 4

When it comes to camera phones, you cannot find any smartphone better than Google Pixel 4. The focus of the company was to improve the quality of their smartphones. All the pictures from Google Pixel 4 are jaw-dropping as the image clarity is quite amazing.

You can check out the latest Poco mobile phones news, to get more details about the upgrades of the smartphone. It can even be used by a professional photographer to click pictures at various places.

Huawei P30 Pro

Any smartphone that comes close to the Google Pixel in terms of image clarity, then Huawei is the first choice. Huawei P30 Pro packs a quadruple-camera with a 68MP rear camera setup. The smartphone has a combination of 40MP, 20MP, and 8MP camera to give high-definition images.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

All smartphones from Samsung boost of excellent camera quality. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus offers a 12MP camera on the back along with f/1.5 aperture. You will get amazing pictures in almost every light background. You can read the latest mobile phone news to get details about all the Samsung smartphones.

iPhone 11 Pro

All the Apple lovers get to see the launch of the new series. The iPhone 11 Pro supports a triple camera setup. There are three variants in the iPhone 11 series, and the second option is the best when it comes to the camera quality. You will get optical zoom and wide-angle shots when you use this smartphone.

iPhone XR

In the latest mobile phone news, you might have heard a lot about the new iPhone 11 series. The older version iPhone XR is also an ideal smartphone which is available at the lowest price. Its camera quality is quite strong and gives you some impressive pictures.

 Honorable Mentions

These are the top 5 camera smartphones you can buy. If you want more options, then you can buy Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Moto G7 Plus, Honor 20, and Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Note 10 from Samsung is a noteworthy smartphone, which is packed with brilliant features. It has a triple camera setup to produce some high-quality pictures.

You can follow the latest Google Pixel mobile phone news to get details about the best camera smartphone. Google is miles ahead of the competition when it comes to camera quality. You will also get the latest Android version in the Google Pixel smartphone. So, the clear winner is in front of you, it is your choice to decide which phone provides better features.