January 24, 2021

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Tips to make a good YouTube channel trailer

If you have visited a successful YouTube channel, you will know that being successful on the platform is not a trivial thing. But what is the trailer for a YouTube channel? Basically, your trailer will be the video with which you will receive potential new subscribers, and it may be your only opportunity to convince people to stay on your channel and take a look at the rest of your videos. In this post, you will find some tips for your YouTube channel trailer

What is a trailer for YouTube?

A trailer for YouTube is a short video to introduce your channel. It is a way of telling your new visitors who you are, what type of videos they will find and how you can help them.

Besides, YouTube gives you the option of including a video that will suggest to your new visitors and that will remain as the main video of your channel for non-subscribers.

How to make a good trailer for your YouTube channel

You have to take into account that your YouTube trailer will be your cover letter, what users see if they access your channel, and what the same platform will give greater diffusion. Therefore, you must do your best. Here are some tips for creating a good YouTube trailer.

Select the best moments of your channel

If you dedicate yourself to gameplays or some content that can be “separated” into sketches or moments, this is your best option. Condensing your ‘momentazos’ into a single video shows potential subscribers what you offer and what they can expect if they subscribe to your channel. Try to save the most shocking/fun moment for the beginning of the video since the first seconds are the most important to keep the viewer’s attention.

Summarize what you do

If yours are vlogs or a more leisurely type of content, then I recommend that you speak to the camera and say that it can be found on your channel. It is vitally important that you are able to summarize your channel, what you do and what they are going to see in a matter of seconds, and perhaps put a couple of short excerpts of what you do. You can edit and caption your video with the FlexClip free online video editor to make your trailer more professional.

Duration is key

A YouTube trailer , by definition, is a summary. And it should not last more than 3 minutes. If it takes longer to explain it, or you think it doesn’t matter to take a little longer, you are very wrong. The average viewer will not see a too long video, so if it is too long, reduce the time or re-record it. Remember, your trailer or YouTube presentation video should only contain the essentials.

Put interesting information

Let us understand by interesting information your social networks and others. It is also quite good that you recommend any of your videos, in addition to linking your playlists (which you must have, and that, if you do not have, it is already taking time to do it) so that the viewer can see more of your content in a single click.

Add call to action button

In addition to introducing yourself, your YouTube trailer should also help you get subscribers. In addition to your recommended social networks and videos, remind the viewer that they can subscribe to be aware of your content.

SEO is still a key

As in any aspect of YouTube, SEO is vital to get your trailer to have views. Ok, this video is intended to be viewed on your channel, but you will get a good handful of extra viewers if you position yourself well in the platform’s search engine. Put a title according to your channel, and try to put descriptive words of what you do. Remember to put all the relevant tags and promote it on social networks to get diffusion.

To sum up

In addition to working on your videos, having a team to match and having a theme that the public likes, you have to luck and be an active person on social networks. If you already have a good handful of videos and found the format in which you feel comfortable and the niche you want to target, it is the ideal time for you to make the trailer for your YouTube channel.