January 24, 2021

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female feet stand on their toes in orthopedic insoles

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If you have persisting feet aching, it is time to get the shoe insert to relieve the pain. But as many think, it is easy to find the right one as there are many insert types. And to find the appropriate insert as per the orthopaedic issues is essential. Only then the inserts will help reduce the aching, and on the contrary, it may cause more orthopaedic problems.  

Hence continue reading to know the different types of orthopedic inserts to find the right one. 

The importance of orthopaedic inserts

There is more wear and tear in this fast world than ever before to cause many multi-skeletal issues and its interconnected parts including the joints, backbone, ankles, and feet. Of all the issues the feet cause a lot of pain because it makes even walking more difficult. It is here that the orthopaedic inserts play a crucial role to walk without pain. With cushioning and support and treating feet problems, it is a boon for all those suffering from it.   

The need for orthopaedic inserts

Orthopaedic insertion need is on the rise as the number of people suffering from orthopaedic issues increase every day.When placed in shoes, these inserts help with many foot problems like flat feet or foot pain and also helps to treat many serious problems. Made of many materials like gel, foam, and plastics, these inserts provide the extra cushioning on specific parts or the entire foot. Orthopaedic inserts help to treat severe biomechanical problems like how you walk, stand and run.  Also, it relieves the pain caused by many chronic health conditions like diabetes, arthritis and bursitis, among others. 

Different types of orthopaedic inserts

To have all the benefits of these inserts it is essential to use the best type among the many types mentioned below:

  • Over-the-counter inserts are readily available worldwide to choose as per the size and minor problems like flat feet, and overarched feet will give comfort by relieving the pain by alleviating the pressure.
  • Prescription orthopaedic inserts are customized inserts to help those the OTC inserts are not working and help serious foot problems, including foot ulcers and those suffering from foot problems because of chronic diseases. 
  • Rigid or functional orthopaedic inserts are made from materials like plastic or carbon fibre to relieve pain in the foot, legs, thighs, and lower back.
  • Soft orthopaedic inserts made from soft compression materials help take off the pressure from sore spots because of conditions like plantar fasciitis or foot ulcers.

Choosing the right type of orthopaedic inserts made by the best manufacturers will help relieve the foot pain and also to treat the underlying causes and only they can offer the best inserts that are durable and also affordable.