October 26, 2020

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Tips for booking a hotel at the best price

Tips For Booking a Hotel at the Best Price

London is an ideal place to forget the routine and recharge your batteries, but as in all large tourist cities, the price of hotels is high.

So you have to find tricks so that the budget does not skyrocket and prevent you from enjoying the good plans that we have prepared!

2- Book in advance or at the last minute
Hotel prices are always more interesting when there are not many rooms occupied. As the store fills up, prices rise according to the laws of supply and demand.

Book as far in advance as possible (about 3 months before the date of your trip) and thus you will be more likely to benefit from the best prices proposed by the hotel or even a visa if you travel aboard, you can consider some agent such as UK visa, Vietnam visa,…

Or, on the contrary, reserving a room at the last minute can also be a good plan because Best hotels in London are practically full and rent the remaining rooms at very low prices.

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3- Travel in winter
Prices fluctuate according to the time of year. The lowest prices correspond to November and January, after the holidays. If you can, try to go to London at that time if you want to take advantage of the low rates that are practiced then.

It is clear that in winter you will not be able to spend the day at the beach sunbathing or swimming. But if what attracts you to London is, above all, its modernist architecture , its gastronomy , its traditions and its atmosphere, you will enjoy your trip more in winter than in summer.

Some rental websites offer interesting offers during the low season. Be on the lookout!
Check the article about the weather in London. You will see that winter temperatures are not extreme at all.
4- Choose the cheapest summer month
If you’re not afraid of being too hot, book a hotel in August before July because the prices are lower. Of course, tourist attractions are open but quite a few restaurants and shops are closed for the holidays.

5- Avoid the most important events of the year
The price of the rooms goes up a lot in the periods in which an important event is celebrated.

This is what happens, for example, with the world congress on mobile telephony that takes place in February. Avoid going to London at all costs while this event is being held because that is when the highest prices of the year are practiced given the large number of professionals who come to the Catalan capital at that time.

6- Know the opening hours of the reception of your hotel
The cheapest flights often arrive in the morning very early or late at night. Find out about the opening hours of your hotel reception because if a member of staff has to stay at reception just to greet you, you may have to pay a supplement.

7- Ask for an «outside» room when you process the reservation
The London buildings, to avoid the heat, partly overlook an interior courtyard. Many hotels offer “exterior” rooms (overlooking the street) and “interior” rooms (overlooking the courtyard). Both are worth the same but do not have the same brightness!

Therefore, if you do not ask for an exterior room when booking, you run the risk of not benefiting from the best possible value for money and, in addition, you may be given an “interior” room with much less light.

8- Study the offers of triple rooms
We tend to think that asking for an extra bed in a double room is cheaper than booking a triple room, which is larger and more comfortable since it is designed for three people.But this is not always the case! At the Gatewick Inn Hotel for example, the price is the same but the comfort is very different.

9- Respect the departure time
Ask what time you have to vacate the room and respect that time, otherwise the hotel could bill you a supplement.