December 3, 2020

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The Ultimate Guide to Make Your Facebook Live Streams More Impactful

Gone are the days when you used to upload an interactive video and wait for your audience to take notice of it, like it and share their thoughts. Thanks to Facebook that these interactive sessions now can be done in real-time. Facebook live stream has opened several doors of opportunities for creators and businesses to interact with their audience in real-time, but within the comfort of home or office using a complete virtual step.

But sometimes it gets tricky to maintain pace with technological advancement. And thus we have created a checklist for you to follow to make your virtual interactions more impactful.

So, let’s not wait any more time and get right into it.

Be a perfectionist when it comes to lighting

More often than not people tend to ignore the lighting condition while doing a Facebook live stream. Well, it is as important as it is when you make a video or simply click a picture. It clearly does not mean that you have to do create a highly sophisticated studio lighting setting. Even natural light is enough to serve your purpose.

But again, too much of sunlight can make your video over-exposed, so be careful and find that sweet spot before you start filming.

Horizontal filming should be always preferable

This is a rule that applies mostly to those who use their smartphones to shoot. It is just usual to start filming vertically as we are more habituated to use our phones that way. But when it comes to film a video, you should always prefer to go for a horizontal frame, rather than a vertical frame. Simply because it is more eye-pleasing and appealing, and, of course, looks better on the news feed.

Do a couple of test drives 

Unless you are 100% sure of your communication skills and your videography as well, it is better to create a couple of test videos and see for yourself whether or not they are successfully serving your purpose. You can do it simply by going to your Facebook profile and turning the visibility of your posts to “Only me”.

This will boost your confidence in a way, and help you figure out your mistakes, and where you need to improve.

Get into a more personal interactive session

While this is true that you should maintain some sort of ethics and formalities while addressing your audience, if you really want your audience to actively take part in this interactive session, then you have to become more personal with it. Often sharing personal stories and experiences help your audience to connect with you in a better and more humane way.

Do not forget to wear your smile

Remember that this is not an ad campaign. You are trying to make a more personal bond with your audience through these Facebook live streams. A sweet smile goes a long way. This is a live stream, and if things go wrong, there is no way to make it up. So, be confident, be energetic and smile while you speak. No one likes to listen to a monotonic voice trying to make a sale or promote something. Apart from that, your positive vibes will also engage the audience into a more productive interaction.

Don’t be afraid to own up to your mistake

We all are human beings – it’s only natural to make mistakes. However, when you are filming live, there is no way for you to retake or redo. But instead, what you can do is own up to your mistakes. This makes you come across as more humane and help you connect better as well.

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