December 2, 2020

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The main thing in sports financial trading

Hello everyone, once again welcome to the article that will take you to the wonderful world of financial sports, horse racing. In this section, we’ll talk about some of the important characteristics that we need to consider when doing our job. While there are obviously many things we need to take into account, we will talk about the most important ones. Of course, the most important thing is emotional stability and psychology in trading, hence there are hundreds of situations that we must control and take into account. But in order not to make the article too long, we will consider the most technical and operational characteristics of the sports trade and its environment.

Workplace Of course, our office is a computer and its environment, and this is our workplace. This seems foreign to both trading and psychology, but it is a key factor when it comes to trading. And this is very simple to understand, since both the body and the mind are more inclined, more alert and more focused on the work you want to do during the working day, trading. My first recommendation is based on having a workplace that you feel comfortable in and everything that fits your profile, like a neat place, a place with great lighting, good smells, and other situations that you feel in. complete comfort, so your head and body are focused on the main task.

Tools Basically our tools are based on two things, one on the computer and the other on the Internet, that’s all we need as tools to carry out transactions of any kind. Therefore, it is important that these two tools are in perfect working order. While truth is not necessary in both, you must have the best of the best if you are to have the best condition in each. In my case, I started with a laptop, very small and somewhat slow, with only 3 megabytes of internet, but as I got older, I realized the importance of acquiring the best available tools and maximum comfort in order to be better and better at of my life. life expectancy. they work, so it’s more than clear why tools are so important. Regardless of where you start, it is important that they are in the best position,

Time, work and study
Time, work and study The work schedule in Colombia is usually from 8 am to 12 pm, but we cannot confuse work with study, we have to separate them and use both. At first we think that while we are working and working during working hours, we are learning, and therefore we devote only these hours, but I think this is a mistake, in tragic moments you have adrenaline, passion and speed. trade that does not allow you to clearly think about the whole situation and the whole work environment, so I recommend that you record your work sessions on video and then schedule at least 2 hours during the hours when you are not negotiating so that you can see with patience and calmness that what you did during the operation, reflect and note that everything is in order and what needs to be improved, thanks to this you will be programmed to do everything right. So, basically, you should devote a large number of hours, adding hours of work and hours of real study. Check this for more details for Sports betting at

Strategy Key
for any type of tragedy. The strategy can be created or copied, it is important to come up with one that will have the best efficiency and the best ratio of risk and reward. I’ve always thought all strategies are good, however I think there is always something to add and you should always give them a very personal touch. But it’s important to be able to stick with it and study it constantly. Throughout my career, I’ve seen people take hundreds of courses, always waiting to learn the strategy that will ultimately lead them to success when I think it’s not a strategy, but an operator. So, at this stage, I recommend that you choose a good strategy that you know is reliable, and really assess whether you are following it if you are honest with the strategy.

Last but not least, goals. When you start any path, it is because you know where you are going, and everything is no different here, only sometimes we just start the path. And we are not only talking about goals, how much you want to earn in a day, week or month, we are talking about all sorts of goals, that is, why you are changing, what is the goal, what are you going to do with the money received with their help. when you trade, you set goals, your mind will remain active and ready to act and fight for those proposed goals. The big advantage is that the goals can be varied, changed, made more flexible, but you have to set the rules, and we almost always do the opposite. Define all your goals.