August 8, 2020

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The 6 Characteristics Of an Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is one that can be regulated depending on the characteristics of the person, has a design that adapts to the body shapes and guarantees a balanced pressure distribution.
The correct regulation of the chair is a key and necessary aspect to achieve a comfortable and healthy posture.

The 7 characteristics of an ergonomic chair

1.Depth adjustable seat

The depth adjustable seats allow a free space between the edge of the seat and the back of the knee (see image below). The goal is to avoid seat pressure on the back of the knee to promote blood circulation, especially venous return.

2.Reclining backrest and «roll position»
The backrest should be able to be adjusted at different points of inclination, as well as leaving it in a free position to allow rocking during breaks or rests. In case of allowing the swing, the chair should have a tension regulator to be able to adjust the tension of the backrest to the weight of the person. The greater the weight, the greater the tension and vice versa. Best Office Chairs

3.Synchro system
The synchro system or mechanism allows the backrest to be tilted back in synchronization with the movement of the seat base so that the whole body moves in tune.

4.Design adaptable to body shapes
To keep the spine aligned and the lumbar area protected, the backrest must have a lumbar prominence that allows stable support and keeps the back in a natural position. As each back is different, the back must have an accessory that allows the height and depth of the lumbar prominence to be regulated.

The front edge of the seat should be gently tilted to avoid pressure on the legs and promote circulation. Chairs with steep angles can cause localized pressure on the back of the thigh.

5.Materials that promote perspiration
One of the aspects that can generate discomfort is the lack of perspiration. Therefore, it is important that the back of the chair is made of breathable materials, mesh type or similar.

6.Antistatic (ESD marked)
The chair should be built with antistatic materials that favor the dissipation of static electricity. Ergonomic chairs with antistatic characteristics must have an ESD (electrostatic discharge) marking. Be careful with the wheels, they are necessary to be able to dissipate static electricity and in many they do not come standard and you have to buy them as an extra.