October 29, 2020

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you are enough quotes

Quotes to say that you are enough for me

I wonder why eyes are not enough to convey the message of – “you are enough”!

There are so many people who we love, who we need, and who we leave by choice or by compulsion. But you know, there is a person in every phase of our life, who is just enough. Maybe the persons many vary in different situations, but when they are, they are enough for us. 

So here are some beautiful quotes to say that you are enough for me to your loved ones:

When I wasn’t ready to look any further, any better, I knew you are enough.

You never know what is best and perfect for you, unless you meet one to settle with. Although for a while, for a moment! But the thing is you get settled.

When your search halts unknowingly and unintentionally, you know you got someone who is enough. 

You make me the person I am, and that makes me feel – you are enough.

The person around whom you don’t have to wear any masks is your person, truly. What else do you need for the person over being this insane comfortability?

The person who gives you the liberty to be yourself is more than enough for you. 

You are enough for me to make life worth a while.

We are here only for a while. Life is really very short. And yet when everyone and everything around seems so messy. 

And suddenly you meet a person who makes you feel life worthy. 

Your company makes me realize how enough and fulfilled life is.

Usually, life is always complained about. With the company of just one person, it becomes miraculously happy in a moment. 

That one company is enough for you to realize who enough your life is.

With each passing day, I wonder how you make me enough for you and be my enough.

The world and life are filled with complications. Where no matter what we do, how much we do, we are found to be lacking in some of the other thing. 

And then there is a person who makes us feel just enough and fulfilled. And is fulfilled with whatever we do. Ain’t this enough?

There are days when nothing goes right, still, you are the one enough for me to smile

The hectic days pass by. But you are lucky to have a person who won’t let you and your feelings pass by. 

If having such a person is not enough, I wonder what is?

If ever I find life boring, it is only because you are missing in there.

With the right person by side, everything around seems so blissful. Life gets boring only when you are truly missing the person.

Having such a person to miss, is enough. 

The way we met, dealt and felt every single thing, I simply knew – you are one and you are enough.

There are very few things for a lifetime. And a few, if chosen right, are enough.