October 26, 2020

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Private Tutoring Vs. Group Tutoring

In the field of education, there are two primary types of popular tutoring services for parents to choose in the United States, one of which is private and the other group tutoring.

Every year, most parents are worried about searching for tutoring to help their children who are struggling with some subjects. It is important to choose the most effective tutoring option for your child; private tutoring or group tutoring. It is essential to look at why parents are forced to take this decision, as well as group tutoring is very different from private tutoring.

There are many reasons why parents want additional tutoring for their children. The first reason is that parents often struggle with some of the difficult concepts in any subject when children asked for help. Secondly, if you want your child to score exceptionally well, additional tutoring support can help your child realize that potential.

Group Tutoring

Group tutoring is just similar to a classroom. The group tutoring is organized in a tuition center or online, at a fixed time period. It can also be conducted in the evening, after schooling. This type of tutoring takes place in the form of groups. These groups can consist of 4-5 students or an entire class strength.

Advantages of Group Tutoring

1. Group tutoring is perfect for students who are educationally skilled and quick in picking up new concepts. Most of these students want to boost their skills with the help of group tutoring to pass the standard examination with high grades.

2. Most of the students are on the same level as others, which helps to develop a healthy competitive environment and instills a desire to outdo others. With the help of group tutoring, students become more concentrated and competitive while learning.

3. Group tutoring develops cordiality that ultimately helps to promote learning in a much better way. Students learn to discuss and solve problems together easily. They can share their positive ideas, which is perfect for the overall growth of a child.

Disadvantages of Group Tutoring

1. Group tutoring is not perfect for those students who are academically not sound. In this tutoring, tutors are not personally able to help slow learners because they take time to understand and remember topics. Here tutor can’t devote extra time or attention to every student.

2. The child needs to coordinate with the speed of other students, and this is a major drawback of this type of tutoring. So, shy students feel difficult to fit into this group’s environment because they can’t ask questions or clear their problems due to their fear.

3. Parents are not able to engage effectively in their children’s education due to the speed of teaching. Group tutoring is not for all students. Slow learners get especially affected by this as the speed of tutorials is too rapid for them. Sometimes, the tutors move to the next topic without realizing the fact that most of the students are not clear about these concepts.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is personalized tutoring, where a single tutor teaches a single student. It is one-to-one tutoring, which is conducted in the home or anywhere else where the tutor comes to teach for a fixed hour.

Advantages of Private Tutoring

1. Private tutoring for math adult is perfect for those students who require extra attention in learning. In private tutoring, slow learners can take benefit. In this tutoring, the tutor provides extra attention, which helps in better learning and boosts grades.

2. A private tutor spends the whole time with only one child and can identify the weak points of the child. The tutor is better prepared because they are under the supervision of only one child. They may spend extra time explaining topics and tracking the progress of the child. With personal attention, the child can get success.

3. In this tutoring, the tutor can work with the child’s speed. The tutor can also divide the lessons into smaller parts so that children can understand easily. Parents can also be involved, and they can notice the difference in their child’s progress.

Disadvantages of Private Tutoring

1. Usually, the student gets too attached to the tutor and their teaching style. It can prove to be an obstacle if the tutor cannot continue further in the future.

2. The benefit of group tutoring interaction is absent in private tutoring.

Some Key Takeaways

Generally, everybody learns differently, and academic achievement is not based on a simple formula. That’s why our tutors of Miles Smart Tutoring build lesson plans based on our students. In this way, students can choose as per their requirements. In most of the circumstances, parents have to decide which tutoring is perfect for their children. Don’t be feel ashamed; if your child is a slow learner, you can avail the services of a private tutor for them. Assess the skills of your child sincerely, before making the decision.

We hope that you must have got some useful insights from this article. If you are looking for someone to help your child with the right set of tutoring well suited according to your need, contact Online tutoring services to get a solution of all your worries.