October 26, 2020

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Everything you should know about Online Work Job in 2020

In 2017 I founded Online Work Job and from that time till today I am Working From Home. It was more than 3 years and now I am making more than thousands of dollars per month working from home.

The best part is I am saving my time which I used to spend on Travelling during my office days. The Most importantly I get freedom to work from any where and place. I can travel and still earn money. I just need my laptop and internet connection which is easy as compare to going office.

We have already shared Best 21 Work from Home Jobs ideas which you can start from Today. The best Part is you don’t need any college degree for to apply for the jobs. Make sure you Check that post to know the Ideas for online jobs.

In todays post we are going to find some important discussion which usually you don’t find anywhere else. Other Blogs only discuss about ideas and Jobs details but what are the pro and cons of Working Online is no one discuss.

So, in this post we will cover Benefits and side effects of working online.

What I Like about Online Work Job?

There are many reasons why I like working online as compared to traditional offline job.

Online jobs give me Freedom to become my own boss. Now know one control my Life. I work only when I feel good. Money is second motivation.

People are ready to pay high amount of money for freelancers as compared to office jobs. As I already shared now, I am making more than thousands of dollars by working online. I spend 20-35 Hours per week working online.

Rest of the time I spend with my family and friends. Now I am spending my most of the times learning new things which make me better person.

Inner happiness is also the reason, I am still doing work online. If you are also tired with you 9 Am to 5 Pm jobs then working online is best options for you.

What I don’t like about Online Work Job?

I have given many points which I liked about Online Work Job but every coin has two side. Working online is fund but not the all-time. there are many things which I don’t like about Online Work Job.

One thing which I want to clear with is online work job is not for everyone. People only want to do online job just because some said you will enjoy your life more if you work online.

Which is half-truth. Many times, when you work online you feel tired and boring. You will not find your office team for discussion. You will miss your corporate meetings and team lunch.

But if you really want to do online work then let me tell there is no end when it comes to grow online.

I will surely recommend any one work online job. If you know any one who is planning to do work only then share this post with them and let them know about pro and cons of working online.

Comment your favorite online job.