January 20, 2021

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Online Female Quran Tutors-A Secure Platform For Muslim Females To Learn The Quran

Assalamo Alaikum! My name Um-e-Farwa and I am here to share my experience of learning the Quran with a female Quran teacher. In non-Muslim states like the United States of America, it was almost unable for me to get a good Quran teacher for teaching the Quran to my daughters with a certified Qariyah. I always want a safe place for my daughters. No doubt, the online Quran academies are providing excellent services to facilitate the mothers like me.

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Always choose the best for your kids:

The online Quran learning for kids has become simple, efficient, and easy because they can take online classes from home. I preferably selected a female Quran teacher for my daughters. The honorable teacher was graduated in Islamic education from Al-Azhar University. Besides this, she holds Ijazah and Hifz certificate too.

I contacted her to discuss timings and teaching methodology. She informed me about the whole scheme. She made start from Noorani Qaida to develop an understanding with the basic Arabic language. She focused on the right understanding of Arabic alphabets because they join to form words and words to make a verse. She also emphasized on the pronunciation of letters according to Tajweed rules. The bilingual communication method is also helping my daughters to understand the lectures quickly.

Female Quran Tutor Online

I am very much satisfied with online Quran learning for kidsbecause this platform has polished the learning skills of my daughters.The self-paced platform is valuable for initial learners to learn the Quran swiftly. Her teaching style bespeaks of her intelligence, experience, and knowledge. She has also focused on the revision to fill the knowledge gaps. Moreover, she tries to identify weaknesses and provide additional support to overcome the problem.Her endless efforts have my kids self-sufficient in reciting the Quran fluently without errors.

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What are the benefits of selecting the best female Quran tutor?

  • The online female Quran tutors provide on-going guidance to teach the Quran and Noorani Qaida.
  • You can learn anywhere with a stable internet connection, tablet or laptop, and Skype
  • The online female Quran tutors provide complete support to the learners
  • You can select flexible class timing that suits you the best after mutual communication with your tutor
  • The secure teaching platform is suitable for Muslim sisters and daughters
  • The amicable teaching method builds interest among students to learn quickly