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Modern Bathroom Designs, Get The Best Ideas

Modern Bathroom Designs, Get The Best Ideas

Looking for the best modern bathroom design ideas? Today’s bathrooms have become a place to disconnect from routine. They become a refuge to release the tensions of the day, right? For this reason, we have prepared this article especially for you. In the world of current bathroom designs there are many different types of styles to choose from the one that suits your tastes.

Materials for bathrooms, accessories and colors. Here you will discover a guide of ideas, tips and examples of bathrooms with the latest news for 2019. This year is loaded with innovative and renewed trends in bathroom decoration. When you finish reading this article you will be completely up to date. Are you ready? We started!

Bathroom Design: Material Trends

The first thing you have to think about are the materials you are going to use for your bathroom. This year is marked by natural materials, such as wood. In addition to the tiles with creative patterns and Solid Surface materials. Can you imagine what the latter is? Do not worry! We explain it to you below.

Natural material, Wood

Imagine taking a relaxing bath wrapped in predominant materials in nature, such as wood. Yes, yes, wood in the bathroom. Don’t worry about the water. Bathroom accessories made of wood are perfectly treated so that they do not suffer any damage when exposed to moisture.

Wood is used mainly as a covering for the floor, for the shower, but above all, as a complement to the furniture in the bathroom. It is a perfect material to give a different and modern touch. Also, you don’t need a bathroom full of wood. With simple touches of this natural material, combining it with stainless steel accessories, you will achieve a point of elegance and distinction.

Wood is not the only natural material that is trending this year. Materials like natural stone are too. Combining these materials, you can create different contrasts and a perfect bathroom for disconnection.

What is the Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is a state- of-the-art material. Both designers and decorators are beginning to use it to create environments with a lot of style, but, above all, with great functionality for bathrooms. It is used to come up with innovative designs for any type of shower tray, bathtub and even solid surface sinks.

It is a solid and uniform material that is characterized by great beauty. Solid Surface is a mixed material of polyester resin with very fine homogeneous solids and a natural mineral composition called ATH, rehydrated alumina. It stands out for its great resistance to impacts, heat and thermal shock. Perfect to complete your bathroom!

Tiles with creative patterns

Without hesitation, tiles in the bathrooms are the trend for this year. Half wall, complete, even in the shower! But, the tile with geometric designs is going to be one of the most popular this year. Printed or plain, the choice is yours! But, put a creative touch in its placement. How about forming a spike? The braided effect will look great in a modern bathroom.

And the floor?

And what material is the best for the bathroom floor? You have a great variety to choose from. We assure you that any of them will be perfect and will give you the modern touch you are looking for.

Large square tiles, marble, or a nice design with wood. In addition, there is marble that can be characterized to simulate a material from nature, such as wood.

Also, do you know the wooden pallets? They are a great trend in current bathroom design. When you go barefoot, it is a perfect material that balances the hardness of the tiles.

We start with the accessories

When you have already decided on the materials with which you are going to design your bathroom, you will start to think with what type of accessories you are going to complete it. Sink, toilet, shower or bathtub and type of screen. Here is the definitive guide for this year!

Sinks, faucets and toilets

Today there is a great variety to choose from. Classic, sophisticated, modern, avant-garde and a great etcetera. It all depends on the style of bathroom you want to achieve.

Our recommendation is that if you are a lover of minimalism, opt for more modern sinks and taps. While if you like rustic or classic, choose designs with wood and traditional taps.

Of course, whatever you choose, the great trend is suspended or hanging furniture. The toilet included! The suspended thing outweighs the accessories embedded in the ground.

Shower or bathtub with hydro massage?

Years ago, the bathtubs were the protagonists of the bathroom. They have always been one step ahead of the shower because you can fill them with hot water along with your favorite bath salts and spend hours relaxing. But, it is true that, with the arrival of the modern, this has been avoided a little more. Today’s life makes it go faster, leaving for the last option what used to be the most anticipated time of day, the bathroom.

Do not panic! This is not synonymous with giving up comfort. Modern shower trays are created to occupy the minimum space, with the advantage of being able to move more freely. Also, what about a hydro massage shower tray? It is a sure hit!

In terms of materials, you will find resin, ceramic, acrylic, slate shower trays and, many more!

As far as modern bathtubs are concerned, they are combined with amenities such as whirlpools. But, although it sounds contradictory, vintage-style bathtubs have been a trend for some years now. Why does this happen? As a consequence of modern rounded bathtub designs.

Nowadays, rounded bathtubs are taken over square ones. So vintage-style bathtubs with this shape are being a hit.

Modern shower enclosures

If you have already decided on the shower or bathtub that you are going to install in your bathroom. It is important that you think about the screen with which you are going to complement it to make as little dirt as possible. As you can see, we don’t even name the curtains anymore, they stayed in the last century. A glass partition is what you need! Sliding, frontal, fixed partitions, there is an incredible variety. Of course, they can be made to the perfect size of your bathroom!

Easy to clean, with anti-scale treatment so that the drops are marked as little as possible, perfect protectors so that not a bit of water comes out and, much more! When you try them you will not want to go back to the curtain, we assure you!

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