October 29, 2020

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Is 16 Gauge Normal for Ear Piercing?

When it comes to ear piercing, the answer is a definite “yes!” However, you do need to learn a few things about what kind of gauge you are able to safely use to make sure that your earring stays intact.

There are two types of ears that are pierced. First is the taper and second is the flattened ear or the rounded top. Tapers have a more gradual shape with a small round top. Flattened ears are those that have a sharp pointy top or a very shallow shape with no point.

The way your ears are pierced is also determined by what kind of piercing jewelry you choose. For example, if you opt to get your pierced around the head of the ear then your ears will be pierced at an angle. If you want Is 16 Gauge Normal For Ear Piercing a more traditional look than you may want to get your ears pierced in line with the natural curve of your head. It is important to note that when it comes to pierced earlobes there is an exception. You can get pierced right in the middle of the lobe with an earring that has a pointed base, this is called the “crimp.”

In order to ensure your ears remain safe when you are pierced and to avoid problems with your pierced ear lobe, the first thing you need to know is that you should not be inserting any jewelry into your ear. This includes earrings made from metal. Jewelry will simply damage the ear lobe if it becomes lodged in your ear. Also, do not wear jewelry while you are wearing earrings as you may not notice the jewelry until it is too late!

When choosing earrings to wear, make sure that they do not create pressure on your piercing, because this can cause your earring to split or detach itself from your ear. Most piercing jewelry should never be worn while swimming as the water pressure can cause your jewelry to detach itself and sink to the bottom of the swimming pool.

Once you have learned a few basics about the process of piercing, you will find that piercings will take less time and there will be less pain than you would think. You will also feel better knowing When You Get Your Nose Pierced Does it Have to be a Stud that your body is in safe hands.

Piercing is not a permanent procedure and you can always stop it at anytime by simply wearing a protective covering over your piercing so that it does not have access to water and cold. After you have finished a piercing session it is recommended that you take care of the area to prevent future infections.

Piercing is not the same as tattooing or any other kind of piercing where there are different kinds of jewelry to choose from. If you want a nice ring then get a plain earring.