December 2, 2020

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How to Choose Your Wedding Cake?

The wedding cake is a major part of every marriage. It serves as a focal point for attracting people’s attention. In most of the celebrations, these cakes add a celebrational joy for the cake. It is not at all surprising people do feel stressed to choose the best cake. 

Either you are the bride or groom. Don’t get stressed. Cause today we are going to take one thing off your plate and minimize stress levels before the big day. Yes, we are going to help you choose the crowning glory of your big day. 

For a few couples on their wedding day, the cake is more than just a dessert. Cutting it, having your first sweet bite together as a couple is just about the moments. Either you are celebrating your marriage in a lavish way or in a pretty simple way, your cake picture will be remembered for more years to come. 

1. Pick the best bakery

You might organize a wedding cake board with unique cake or wedding cake pages or pictures which you are updating constantly or might see the cake of your dreams in the wedding blogs or magazines which you are looking for. So, when you are going to pick the right bakery for your cake it needs to be the best from the best. What do you say? Ensure that you have seen their style and know what you could expect from them. 

You can also enquire about the best bakery cake within your family or friends. Well, too many options can be more confusing right. Once you visit the Faridabadcake site you will find your favorite cake for sure. Faridabadcake is a trusted online cake store across Faridabad. Faridabadcake has a sumptuous range of cakes in unique sizes, shapes, and prices to offer you the finest cake for your wedding. 

Faridabadcake offers classy flavors like vanilla, pineapple, chocolate cake flavors to unique chocolate truffle, strawberry, and healthy cake flavors like carrot cake flavors to bless your tastebuds with trendy and tasty flavors. They bake customized cakes as per your preferences. 

2. Pick the perfect size

The size and number of cake define how many people your cake can feed. Think about what size slices you need. So ask your baker to find how many tiers of the cake you need to that certain slice size. Normally a 3 tier cake serve100 people. For a big wedding choose a five-tiered cake. Need a tall cake without many tiers using columns within every tier. To make your cake bigger use columns.

Faridabadcake offers two-tiered and three-tiered cakes, two-layered and three-layered cakes along with wedding anniversary cakes too.

3. Get the flavors game 

Most people pick fruit cakes and traditional heavy fruit cakes, so to interrupt here, no one loves those cakes. Yes, So it is better to go with your favorite taste. These days couples are all looking for vanilla, white chocolate, caramel, and all unique types of flavors. 

Faridabadcake offers endless options in terms of flavors. You can contact their team to talk about the flavors and what is in your mind, your couple’s favorite flavor could guide you to know what flavors are the best.

4. Your cakes need to fit with the wedding elements

Before thinking about the whole design of your cake. Pick colors, themes, and other wedding elements. So here your cake will easily fit with the whole wedding look. For example, if your bride has flowers on her gown or a wedding decoration has cute flowers you can have these on your cake.

5. Know the price

Wedding cakes cost varied per slice normally. So the more you include complicated design the more the price tag. Fondant icing is more expensive than buttercream. Need those vibrant colors, flower details, molded shapes you need to pay more.

6. Finalize your guest list

As we discussed above your guest list defines your cake size. So pick tiered cakes and normal huge rectangular cakes as per your guest list. Remember to go for a tall cake if your reception is in a huge grand room.

7. It’s about the details

The best inexpensive option is fresh flowers and fruits could be added with less fee. Delicate sugar paste flowers or gum paste ones are made by hand. chocolate molded flowers, fruits, lace points could enhance the rate but worth the cost.

8. Cake delivery 

The most stressful thing to worry about in a wedding cake is whether it arrives on time or not. Don’t worry Faridabadcake delivery service team already surprised people by delivering the cake on time. They even offer online cake delivery in Faridabad, Noida, & Delhi & midnight cake delivery as well to surprise your loved ones by celebrating a special reception party at midnight.

Same day delivery service delivers your cake on the day you ordered the cake. They even deliver your cake with free shipping. 

9. Go online

It is tough to go around every bakery and get confused with all the tastes and choices. Go start an online dialogue with your favorite bakery and chat with them about your cake and wedding easily. 

Go get married happily and eat your cake. Faridabadcake will surely make your special day more special.