January 20, 2021

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How to Choose the Right Trading Pin Manufacturers?

Lapel pins have come a long way back in the 80’s when they were a rage in making a bold fashion statement. Today, the use of lapel pins are many and quite efficiently used for supporting a cause, appreciating the good deeds of someone, cheering for your team or representing your squad on a particular platform.

From trading pins to classic lapel pins, this item has gained its own fanbase. So, whether you are looking for a customized lapel pin or a collectible pin for your pin trading book, choosing the right pin manufacturing company is crucial

To help you out we have listed some factors to consider for picking the right trading pin manufacturers. Continue to read till the end to learn important details for choosing the right company to place your order.

1.    Quality of the trading pins

First & foremost, you have to consider the quality of the pins so that you get your hands on the best produced item. No matter what kind of pins you want, you need to have a good quality to make the impact that you want out of it.

Hence, in order to analyse the quality of the pins make sure to go through the reviews from previous customers and see what they have to say about the manufacturers. Also, you can ask for a proof custom pin so that you have a better understanding of the quality of pins that a certain company produces.

Make sure you carefully analyse the proof pins before you place an order for your trading pins. After all, you need the fine quality pins for the money you are investing on it.

2.    Price of the trading pins

Price is another important factor that needs to be considered when choosing a manufacturing company to place your order. You have to know whether the price a company is charging you is genuine or not.

The best way to learn about the authenticity of price is by comparing different price ranges offered by varied companies. Steer clear from those companies that charge you extra for customization and artwork revision services. As these services are offered at free by many reputed trading pin companies.

Also, don’t forget to check the quality of the pins with the price they are offering. As a company may offer you a cheap price but then the quality of the pins may turn out to be flimsy as well. So, make sure you tally the price and quality simultaneously to get your hands on the best trading pins.

3.    Delivery of the items

See if a company has a specific production and delivery rate. Many companies give you an estimated production and delivery tenure of their customized items. However, see if the promised delivery time is genuine or not.

Again, the best way to learn about it is by going through the other customer reviews and see what they have to say about it. Also, make sure to get in touch with the manufacturers before you place an order with them.

You can make up a lot about the way a company works by having contact with them.

4.    Artworks & designs offered

Artwork or the design is the prime element in any customized trading pin. This element makes or breaks the whole appearance of the pin. Henceforth, you must see that they are incorporated in the pin with utmost perfection.

That’s why it is so important to check and review the artwork and design, a manufacturing company offers to you. For this, you can ask for a proof custom pin and read through the client testimonials.

Also, checking out the years of experience of a company can give you a rough idea about the manufacturing company’s capability of delivering you fine items.


The above enumerated points are pretty important to be considered in order to choose the right trading pin manufacturer. Whether you want trading pins for your pin trading book or for exchanging at a tournament, the above listed factors will help you choose the right manufacturing company.