January 19, 2021

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How Much Time Does It take to develop a good android app

How good your android app will be, depends on how much time and effort you are willing to spend on it. It will take some time if you’re starting completely from scratch. And if the question is “is there alternative?” Then the answer is yes. First of all, starting from scratch would mean that either you have to build the app yourself. Or you would have to hire someone or some people to do it for you. Which would cost you some money obviously.

If you’re trying make an app for an already existing business, I would highly recommend that you use a clone script instead of making it from scratch. Let’s say you’re making an app for an app like uber, or ubereat. Here, what you would do is get in touch with a company that sells an ubereats clone script and ask them to customize it for you. A clone script is a prebuilt app that has all of the features you need already built-in. This saves you a lot of time and, at the same, time money, which you can then spend on the growth of your business. A simple google search will give you plenty of companies that sell uber eats clones or clones of other platforms, but make sure that you hire a company with quite some experience in making this kind of a thing. And finally, provide good services to your customers. Hope this helps.

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