October 29, 2020

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Future after 12th: How to choose a career

After 12th, Ajit is unable to understand which subject to choose, which opens the doors of success for him in future. Half of the family wants him to be an engineer. Half want him to go to civil services. Friends advise him for a business course but he wants to go to the Airforce. Due to excessive choice, he is confused about which subject to choose?

Actually, this confusion is for every student who is looking for his future among the choices of subjects. There was a time when there were limited options such as engineering, medical and civil services. These were good students who turned to them. But today he has so many options that he gets confused and if he does not choose the subject properly, then his future is at stake.

Some Key Points You Should Consider

1. Ensure the goal in advance – You should make sure in advance what you want to become. When the goal is fixed, you try to move in the right direction, while the illusion makes you directionless. At the moment, the way the new institutes are opening in the country and the number of students studying there is increasing, according to which the level of education has not increased, so every year after the release of thousands of technical or non-technical graduates from colleges. Even jobs are not available. As far as choosing the right course is concerned, the students will have to take care of the areas getting jobs most quickly.

2. Plan your career- Today the competition in every field has increased. Business disciplines have limited entry numbers, more competitors. You may have a lot of talent or ability, merit, but it is possible that you do not get admission in the course of choice or college. It is necessary that

3. Choose the right subject – After 12th, choosing a particular course depends on the interest and choices of a student. If you are an artist or creative, you can choose courses like advertising, fashion, design. If your mind is an analyst then you will be better in the fields of engineering or technology. There are also many specialist courses which can be taken up in career after doing it. In such a situation, whenever students go to enrol in a particular course or program, keep one thing clear that what is their motive behind choosing that program? If confusion still persists, do your profiling test. With this, you will be able to know your power and you will be able to select the course accordingly. It is important to keep these special things in mind while selecting the course.

4. Find Options – There was a time when options were limited. Students of science subjects had only medical or engineering options, but now it is no more. Today you are full of options. You can do courses like biotechnology, bioengineering, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical transcription. Similarly, doing business or hotel management course from Arts to 12th can become a part of the retailing, hospitality, tourism industry. Those who are creative can take a course in fashion designing, merchandising, styling.

4. Selection of institute – Nowadays there is an entrance test for admission in institutions, but before taking admission in government and private institutions, consider the following points-

  1. First, it should be ascertained whether the institution is recognized by the appropriate regulatory authority.
  2. Faculty Quality.
  3. The ratio of Professor, Lecturer and Assistant Professor.
  4. Curriculum Diversity.
  5. Placement or job placement percentage.
  6. Basic Facilities.

Alpine College located in the Dehradun valley is a great place to start building your career. With the best faculties in India and the beautiful location in the Dehradun valley provides a perfect location for the students to study and learn in peace.

The courses other than engineering and medical for science students are

1. Nanotechnology: After 12th, a BSc or BTech in Nanotechnology and after that MSc or MTech in the same subject can be made a brilliant career in this field.

2. Space Science: Courses ranging from 3 years of B.Sc. and 4 years of B.Tech to PhD are conducted especially at ISRO and IISC in Bangalore.

3. Robotic Science: Students who have completed ME degree in Robotics can get research work in a reputed institute like ISRO.

4. Astro-Physics: One can take admission in 4 or 3-year Bachelors Program (BSc in Physics). After Doctorate in Astrophysics, students can become Scientists in research organizations like ISRO.

5. Dairy Science: After completing 12th, students can take admission in the course of Dairy Technology after passing the entrance exam on All India Basis. Some institutes also offer a 2-year diploma course in dairy technology.

6. Environmental Science: Under this, subjects like Ecology, Disaster Management, Wildlife Management, Pollution Control are taught. There are good job prospects.

7. Micro-Biology: B.Sc in Life Science or B.Sc in Micro-Biology course.

8. Water Science: It is a science associated with the surface of the water. It involves studying subjects such as hydromeritology, hydrogeology, drainage basin management, water quality management, hydroinformatics.