October 29, 2020

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Explore The Magic Of Desert Safari Activities In The Empty Quarter

Antoine de Saint-Exupery was right:

‘’I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert dune, sees nothing, and hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams’’.

I have enjoyed many desert safari activities across the world’s famous deserts. But when I came across the desert safari from Abu Dhabi I fell in love with it. The elevated dunes in the Empty Quarter attracted me to enjoy the desert safari activities. Being an adventure-lover, I love to enjoy dune bugging, quad biking, and sand skiing on beveled dunes and 250 meters high dunes in the Empty Quarter were not less than a blessing for me.

Booking the desert safari from Abu Dhabi was a challenge for me. Thanks to Google for finding me the best desert safari website to book an affordable deal. I thoroughly checked all details before booking a deal. I booked my tickets and flew to Abu Dhabi. The architecture and contemporary lifestyle insisted me to explore everything here. My hotel room was equipped with luxury amenities.

4×4 Land Cruiser came to pick me up for the desert safari adventure. It was a fine sunny day in January. The weather was pretty good on that day. The temperature was 12C and relative humidity was about 52%. Although the sun was shining brightly yet its warmth seemed pleasant. Still, I kept a hat, sunscreen, goggles, and water bottles with me to avoid any inconvenience.

I cannot forget the royal treatment I received on my arrival in the desert. I was excited enough to start hiking, dune bashing, and the camel ride. I decided to make a Vlog for my YouTube channel. The guide gave me instructions to follow during the desert safari adventure. I sat in a Jeep to enjoy dune bugging. I set up the camera on the seat and it was started.

It was the best desert sport during desert safari Dubai from Abu Dhabi .It pumped me adrenaline in my veins. I hired a dirt bike to wander in the desert. Although it was hard to maintain the momentum yet I maintained it. The grains of sand striking my body during sandboarding gave a true glimpse of the desert safari adventure. The innocent creatures of the camels were lovely to enjoy a ride on them.

The finger-licking taste of the Arabian cuisine during desert safari Dubai from Abu Dhabi is still fresh in my memories. The fragrance of BBQ dishes made my mouth watery and I could not resist my hands eating it. The Belly dancers add a little more spice on it. Tanura dance was feeling relaxing. This Sufi style dance gave me peace of mind.

The techniques used by Fire dancers leave me spellbound. I preferred to spend a night in the desert. The biodiversity in this desert pushed me to explore new species of plants and animals. The Arachnids such as scorpions and rodentswere the center of attraction. Moreover, I also explored the thick waxy cuticle bearing cacti everywhere in the desert. A night under sparkling stars took me closer to nature. I am impatiently waiting for my vacation to visit this desert once again.