October 28, 2020

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save our Earth

save our Earth

Easy Laundry Hacks to Keep Our Environment Clean While Saving Money

Laundry is indeed one of the challenging yet important house chores. Every family or even an independently living person has to face laundry problems on a daily basis. However, those who are living separately have to deal with it as a headache. It is very normal to lose your one sock from pair or you can even lose your favorite top while sending your clothes for laundry.

Other than this mix and match tournament, laundry can be heavy on your wallet if you do not own a washing machine. It can be a nuisance for the environment. Therefore, I have come up with some of the simple laundry hacks to help the environment and dave money. These laundry hacks and tips will make your life easier and painless.

Removing Wrinkles

If you are living alone then ironing your clothes after laundry can be a daunting task for you. But do not worry. I have got you covered and all you need in this situation is a water spray bottle. Spray the water on your dried clothes that you want to wear. But do not wet them.

After spraying sufficient water on the clothes, tightly stretch them from the corners in a straightway. This method effectively removes wrinkles from your dress or clothes. Also, if you are a student, you are going to love this simple laundry hack to help the environment and save money. Other than laundry hacks, you can also look for other ways to save money.

DIY Lint Remover

Lint can make your clothes old and it can also curb the fresh look that is present on any fabric. Therefore, it is crucial for you to get rid of it. Lint remover is quite affordable, however, if you cannot buy the one, you can make it. Simply grab an old shaving blade and run it in the direction of the lint. It is done.

You can also run an old shaving blade on sweaters and jumpers to give them a new look. This way you can also save money spent on a lint remover.

Folding Properly

One of the simple laundry hacks to help the environment and save money is to properly fold your clothes after laundry. Otherwise, it can undermine the effect of washing or ironing. Folding your clothes is also important as it lowers the chances of wrinkles in your clothes. Hence, you can simply grab and wear your clothes if fold properly. You won’t have to properly press or iron them.

Treating Chewing Gums

If a chewing gum has stuck on your clothes, chances are that it may take lots of time and energy to remove the gum. Instead of fighting with the stubborn gum, why don’t you follow a simple tip?

Pick some ice cubes and place them on the chewing gum that is stuck on your clothes. Leave it for a while, maybe for an hour. After that, you can easily remove the gum from cloth.


Other than these laundry hacks, you can also look for tips that help you save money. It is easy to lose some clothes in the laundry pile. Also, people spend lots of amount on doing laundry. However, there are many effective tips that can save your money and energy too.