December 2, 2020

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DesignEvo: Making Your Own Logo For Free

DesignEvo is a website that provides free logo making services for everyone to create a logo online.

Using WordPress to set up a website, logo production has always been a necessary skill for every web designer. In addition to the operating software on the personal computer, other online services that can provide image icon production are indispensable. It is precise because the design requirements are so important that the cost of preparing these logo making software is also very high. If you can provide a free experience first, then this is a great experience for web design work. If you think it is feasible to use, you can pay. This feeling of enjoying first and then paying has greatly improved the web design. Willingness to operate. If you are also a website designer or a fan of logo production, you may wish to refer to today’s content. What exactly does this type of online service website provide?

DesignEvo overview

This free online icon production service website can be used immediately, even without a registered account.

A navigation wizard will appear on the screen before starting to make. You can click in order or skip the start and use it directly. In addition, one thing worth applauding about this website is that it is localized to 7 languages.

DesignEvo Logo Maker Using Guide Wizard

When you are accessing its homepage, you will see a huge slogan to c Create Custom Logos with DesignEvo Free Logo Maker. And with the button Make a logo, you will enter its template choosing page. It does not require you to register to use its service, but when you want to export your logos, then it will remind you to sign up.

Well, you can choose a ready template to customize your logo. Also, you can start a blank canvas and add some need icons and shapes.

Now, let’s get to the next step to personalize your logo. After landing on the editing page, you would see there four major editors on the left bar, namely, icon, text, shape and background. Also, when you click the certain element above the canvas, there is some operation that could edit. In this step, all you should do is to play your creativity to edit the logo.

After the logo file is completed, it can be downloaded, and free members can also download it, but the resolution of the file is relatively small, which needs attention.

If you need a high-resolution icon file, you need to pay for it. There are two plans for paid graphics files, namely US$29.99 and US$49.99. You can decide whether to purchases according to your needs. For details on the price of the plan, please refer to the details on the DesignEvo homepage.

In conclusion

Regarding this type of online design platform, if the completed product is applied to commercial works, then the pattern’s authorization requires special attention to the description of the terms of use of the website. If it is used as design training, then the free version can be directly operated.