October 26, 2020

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The story of a 29-year-old boy turning the Coi Xay Gio wall into a new symbol in Da Lat

Coi Xay Gio (windmill) Bakery – must ” check-in” in Dalat Vietnam

If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, you should not miss the”Coi Xay Gio Bakery” in Da Lat, Lam Dong province. I was so impressed by its yellow color and the simple designer when I first came here. There is a saying that you cannot miss this place once you are in Dalat. The iconic yellow wall of Coi Xay Gio Bakery has become so familiar in Dalat.

1. How was “Coi Xay Gio” Bakery born?

At first, this place was an Hoa Binh bookstore, located inside the 2 floors house at No. 1 Hoa Binh, surrounded by an old wall with doodles of street graffiti. At first, the bookstore’s host does not allow anyone to rent this house for trading because it is a joint-stock company with the state capital. However, in April 2017, a guy from Da Lat, after 3 months of hard negotiation, he has got permission business. His name is Nguyen Dang Phong, people often call him Phong Windmills.

Retaining a part of the bookstore under the agreement to preserve the traditional values of Da Lat, he has used another part to open the bakery and painted its wall with a unique yellow color. The yellow wall is drawn by a red logo and a retro 90s font design which has caused a fever for travelers not only in Dalat but also curious visitors from everywhere. Especially, in May 2017, on Facebook and Instagram, many young people shared a photo taken with a yellow wall with the words ” Coi Xay Gio Bakery” on it. That makes the wall even more famous. Then people make plans Da Lat to check-in with the golden wall and they were surprised to find that it was actually just a small and beautiful bakery, which had just been opened for decades at the location of Hoa Binh Bookstore. Just after 1 month, the wall of the bakery named Coi Xay Gio has become a “symbol” of Da Lat that attracts many visitors to this city to get the impressing photos.

It can say that a yellow wall has brightened up Dalat. The wall was painted with the bright yellow, symbolizing the dazzling sunlight of Dalat. On the yellow background stood out the bold red line “Tiệm Bánh Cối Xay Gió” with the unique retro-styled font. Many tourists who came to take a “retro” photo admit that they were deeply in love with the ancient vibe here. Just like they got lost in Dalat of the 80s back then.
Especially, in 2017, Coi Xay Gio bakery with the yellow wall became the most “check-in” site of the year. It was also awarded the most favorite bakery of 2017 by We choice Award.

2. How does the bread in Coi Xay Gio bakery taste?

The bakery is not just around its famous wall because bread and cake sold here is also a thing you shouldn’t miss. It is well-known for its various fresh products. All have affordable prices: traditional Vietnamese bread (especially chicken bread), salted egg yolk cake, donut, and some French dessert. The bakery also serves many Vietnamese snacks such as fries with seaweed powder, spicy dried chicken. Besides food, you can order coffee and other beverages.

Bread in Coi Xay Gio bakery
If you wish to have look at the unique wall and enjoy the taste of bread here, you should make a plan now.

Tips for First Time Visitors:
If you’ve never been to Vietnam before, I kindly provide some helpful tips to make your trip easier.
Prepare your passport in advance, and make sure that your passport has at least 6 months validity, with left space for visa stamping
• Check to see whether you are a citizen of a country listed in the Vietnam visa exemption list or not. If you are required to have a Vietnam visa and want to get a visa in a very urgent case, you can use an Urgent Vietnam visa to get it and fly to Vietnam on short notice
• The currency in Vietnam is Vietnam Dong, but you can bring USD and exchange this to VND before getting on board a plane or at one of the exchange counters at the airport, upon arrival
• Make sure you book your flight tickets, a tour if you would prefer one, through the reliable agency