October 26, 2020

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Ayurvedic child care tips

It is very difficult to take care of the baby, its upbringing and medical treatment when he is suffering from any disease because the baby cannot speak anything, cannot tell what he wants or what is suffering. During this period, his cry only works as a language. The child weeps when he is hungry and cries if he is suffering from any suffering. Now it depends on the cleverness and understanding of the mother that she can understand the reason for crying. If she can understand the exact reason, then by resolving it, she is able to silence the child, otherwise, the child becomes weeping and weeping. Mothers caring for infants have to be aware of the reasons that cause the baby to cry and become restless, only then will she be able to take appropriate measures to remove the cause. In this article, briefly, some reasons for crying and presenting qualitative information about its prevention.

Like older people, infants do not experience any type of mental anxiety, stress or suffocation, so the reason for their crying is not physical but mental and their suffering is also physical. If the physical pain is less then the child cries less and if the pain is more then the child cries more and continues to cry till the pain is gone. This concludes that the child’s silence means that his or her suffering has been overcome.

There are mainly two reasons for the baby to cry at night, either stomach ache or chest or back pain due to cold. If the diarrhoea is not clear, indigestion and stomach is bloated, then heat the cloth by folding it on the hot pan and keep it on your hand to see that it is not overheated so that the child can tolerate it; There is an immediate benefit in chest and back pain.

For six months, the baby remains completely in the mother’s shelter. Depends only on the mother’s milk and in this period her body gradually becomes shapely and athletic. Therefore, the mother should take care of the baby with the utmost care. The baby should be fed its milk for at least 10 months. The feeding mother should keep her food and living healthy and nourishing so that her milk-fed infant (child) also remains healthy. The child who drinks mother’s milk consuming ill-tempered, sour, spicy and spicy substances remains ill.

When the baby comes for a year and its teeth start coming out, then the icing should be puffed up, ground finely, mixed with honey and rub it slowly on the gums. Its teeth come out easily. When the teeth come out, there are complaints of infant fever, indigestion, greenish-yellow diarrhoea, spitting milk, irritability, crying, etc., which can also be the reason for tooth eruption. During this period, the baby should be fed with half a teaspoon of lime water made 3 times a day or any good teething syrup. Use ayurvedic baby products for better skincare.

On the day of arrival, small pearl diseases are done to the infant and he has to go to the doctor. While elderly women, who are knowledgeable about such minor ailments, do it themselves.

– In the event of indigestion, when the baby starts eating food, it should be rubbed and kneaded -> Atis, Mango kernels, Nagarmotha, Kakadasingi and dry ginger – bring them 25-25 grams whole and keep them aside. Grind them one by one in equal numbers on a clean stone, like sandalwood with water, and take it out in a bowl. Applying about half a teaspoonful of honey in the morning and evening, put 1-2 spoons of water on top of it or mother should give her milk yellow. If the baby has thin, green yellow and chapped diarrhea frequently, then this experiment can be given 3-4 times a day. In such a situation nutmeg should be mixed in this recipe. Stop the use of nutmeg when you have loose motions, just continue using the hut. This khutti is several times tested domestic medicine to improve the digestive order of the infant and bind diarrhea.

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Stomach ache, flatulence, and green-yellow diarrhea – To remove these diseases, 5-7 grains of celery should be ground and licked in mother’s or goat’s milk. Applying asafetida water around the navel on the stomach of the infant (child) provides relief. Prepare this water by mixing half the rice asafetida in half a bowl of water.

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