December 2, 2020

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Augmented reality the future of interactive tryvertising

Tryvertising is the latest buzzword with augmented reality

Solutions where potential customers can try before they buy and get to feel what it will be like to own the product before handing over their credit card.

One of the biggest markets for a try before you buy has to be clothes shopping. Seeing how a particular outfit will suit you is just one aspect of creating desirability in-store and converting a user from a ‘trigger’ to a ‘buyer’.  Many people would be forgiven for thinking that augmented reality is just an in-store sales gimmick, however, unless you are in the retail business it’s easy to forget the potential cost saving such a system can bring. I’m talking about the dreaded repackaging of items that customers have tried on but decided not to buy. Yep, every item we customers take to the dressing room to try on and then wonder what it would look like in blue has to be repacked and put back on the shelve. It’s a costly exercise which an in-store augmented reality kiosk can solve by giving customers the opportunity to virtually try the outfit for style before trying for size. Inaugment provides you the best opportunity to get in touch with the Augmented reality world.

Try before you buy kiosks are not limited to store placements, outside the retail store environment, CBS Outdoor the market-leading out-of-home specialist in the UK is responsible for many of the advertisements you see around London. You may not know the name but you’ll know their work. If you have traveled on the underground recently you can’t help to have noticed how CBS Outdoor is removing those boring static posters as you ride the escalators and replacing them with TV screens that constantly display moving media. CBS Outdoor is also producing augmented reality touch screen solutions with social media integration. These take the form of tryvertising touch screen kiosks where potential customers can interact with products and when finished upload a photo of themselves wearing the product to Facebook to share with friends.

The example below is a neat example of enabling consumers to try on clothing without the use of markers and share the results.

CBS Outdoor interactive solution

I wonder how solutions like this will change the face of advertising in the future. It’s easy to imaging scenarios where while you are waiting for a train or riding the escalators you are trying on outfits or seeing yourself with the latest must-have accessory. The technology exists already where such a system is able to recognize your sex and offer you products accordingly, but combine that with technology able to recognize an individual and a potential system would know what items you tried in the past and start to build up a profile of you. It gets truly scary when you start to think about Google having technology that can recognize your face and offer you products based on your browsing habits while you wait for the train.