August 8, 2020

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6 Fruits That Have More Vitamin C Than Orange And Lemon to Boost Your Immunity

To avoid any disease, you have to increase your immunity, so that your body will be able to fight against diseases. For this, the most important food and vitamin C is the right food. Vitamin C is a nutrient that increases your immunity. To avoid the corona epidemic, you also have to strengthen your immunity. For this, you should consume things rich in vitamin C. But do you know that apart from oranges and lemons, there are many fruits which are also cheap and give vitamin C in plenty to your body. Let us know what those fruits are.


Mango is not only called the king of fruits. A mango full of flavor also works to increase your immunity. You get around 122 mg of vitamin C from a medium mango. Apart from this, vitamin A is also found in mangoes. Which is good for eyesight. People believe that eating mango increases weight, but the truth is that mango also reduces your weight.


Guava is a very cheap and nutritious fruit. Guava contains more vitamin C than orange, which helps to increase your immunity. A medium guava contains 200 grams of nutrients. Calorie is very small in guava, which is also helpful in reducing weight. By the way, people eat guava only with the peel, but to take full advantage of it, you remove and peel it.


Papaya is the fruit found in all seasons. Papaya is considered best for digestion. Papaya keeps our stomach fit and also reduces weight. Vitamin C is also found in plenty in papaya, which also increases our immunity. By eating about a cup of papaya, you get 88 mg of nutrients.


Strawberries are also a good source of vitamin C. A large amount of antioxidants are found in strawberries, in addition, strawberries are fruits rich in vitamin C and many other nutrients. Although it is less available due to being seasonal fruit, but if you eat a cup of strawberries, then it works to give you 100 mg of vitamin C.


Pineapple enhances your immunity and also makes your bones strong. Many important minerals and vitamins are found in pineapple. Manganese is also found in pineapple, which is very less in fruits. If you eat a cup of pineapple, you get about 79 mg of vitamin C. Eating pine apple also reduces weight.


Kiwi is another fruit rich in vitamin C. Although kiwi is a very expensive fruit, but a kiwi gives you about 85 mg of vitamin C. Apart from this, vitamin K and E are also found in plenty in Kiwi. A kiwi is also rich in many other nutrients which is very beneficial for your health.