October 28, 2020

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6 Essential Web Design Tips to Catapult Your Business to Success in 2020

The success of a website, its credibility and conversions depend on its design. Now it is not sufficient to have a simple business description for your website. Your website has to be perfect. Only then you can stand in competition with other online businesses.

If its layout is unattractive then it will stop engagement of 38 % users and will receive negative feedback from 94 % people. 88 % of people will not visit the website again if their experience is bad.

The visitors will continue visiting the website in the future if their experience is good and their chances of converting into customers will also increase.

It will be considered as a wastage of money and time if you have designed a website that is ineffective.

Now I am going to tell you 6 essential web design tips to catapult your business to success in 2020.

1. Your goals must be identified by you – It is so much important to set up the goals. All the things that you need from the site should be enlisted by you. The purpose of designing the site should also be shown by you in the list created. Then you should plan a strategy by taking your goals into consideration. On the basis of your goals you have to decide your website’s tagline, title, logo, name and niche.

2. Architecture of your website and its navigation should be very clear – If the users visiting your website are looking for something important for them then they can easily find it if the navigation of your site is clear. The pages of your site can be very easily indexed by the search engines if the navigation of your site is clear.

There must be a direct link between the homepage of your business site and each good web page. Your website should be designed in such a way that the user can reach your homepage just by clicking 2 times on any good web page.

It will be good if your site is having a silo architecture. Here we can have various sections in which the web pages can be organized in a better way.

3. A perfect home page must be crafted by you – When a user visits your site then you are given only 10 seconds to impress him. Whether your site is good or not? All this can be decided by 90 % of the visitors in these 10 seconds.

Whenever a visitor arrives, all the things offered by your site must be clearly conveyed to him. He should not be only making the guesses after reaching your website.

The elevator pitch should be perfectly created by you. In order to retain the visitors for a longer time your home page’s first paragraph, tagline, promo message and your logo must be rechecked by you to make sure that they are attractive.

4. You should use a call to action that is visible and clear – What do you expect the user when he visits your site? You should clearly let him know about the action that you want him to perform on your site. You can add a ‘request a quote’ or a ‘buy now’ button on your website that can give a call to action.

When a user visits your site and takes interest in the services provided by you then you should guide him how to purchase the items of your company with the help of site. He can be easily converted into your customer if you use call to actions.

If you want that the people visiting your site should get the details about the services and products offered by you then you have to design a call to action according to that so that just by using CTA they get the details easily. After getting the details easily and quickly they will take interest in buying the items from your company’s website.

5. You site should be mobile friendly – It has been found that 60 % of the people like to visit a site by using their mobile phones. So, it will be good for you to design a website that is mobile friendly. Then you can give tough competition to others. It is important to know that for browsing the sites the smartphones are used by 25 % of people at every second. Therefore, you should have a mobile optimized site.

6. An impressive ‘about us’ page should be created – While designing the about us page you should keep in mind that you are describing about the customers more than your business. The customers should feel that the company thinks about them also. Your team will be portrayed as engaging and humble in front of them if you do this.If you want to get digital marketing services and applications of web development then you should take the help of website designing company India.