December 5, 2020

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Use A Proxy

Some of us have wondered if using a proxy is necessary for our everyday internet use. It might feel that using a proxy is for paranoid people, and the hassle of additional setup or steps that need to be taken before visiting the website you are looking for every time on your browser might seem to be tedious. However, when you know why you need to use a proxy in 2020, you will have solid reasons to support the argument of using a proxy. 

Here are five different reasons why you should use a proxy. 

Improve your privacy

Today, everyone is worried about hackers as data breaches can prove costly in terms of money and loss of public image. Using a proxy reduces the risk of this happening at times when you use the internet. Since a proxy adds a layer of security between your computers the server. Hackers make the attacks, usually, focus on a specific network. When proxy expands the network and sends requests outside the network, the chances of a particular attack succeeding are low. In this case, the proxy acts as a buffer, and hackers face the firewall of robust server software used at the proxy’s end. The web software used by proxies such as Tamilrockers proxy is made to keep hackers away and their DDoS attacks. 

Freedom to carry out sensitive tasks with anonymity

Anonymity is essential when it comes to carrying out tasks that are risky and could create problems in terms of data leaks. Proxies are best known to overcome this problem by adding an extra layer of encoding to the requests back and forth that can be decoded only by the proxy software on your computer. So anonymity is achieved with the use of proxy servers. Many of the security officers, whistleblowers, and reporters use proxies in their work. This protects them from oppressive governmental agencies, partners, clients, and companies. The data related to research work, personal images and photos, bank details, etc. are vulnerable over the regular internet. With a proxy, one gets confidence and a sense of security to carry out sensitive tasks. 

Access the internet with high speed

Generally, people associate proxies with slow speed as they use a roundabout path to fulfill the user’s request. But this is not always true as proxy servers can unblock restrictions put on by ISP or internet admins who cap on speed for a particular user on their end. The internet speed and bandwidth allowed has increased among users who use Tamilrockers proxy. It has shown that proxies using caching methods and compression have increased the internet speed instead of decreasing it. 

Bypass the Employee Internet Usage restrictions

Many workplaces restrict the usage of popular social media networking websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. With access to Tamilrockers proxy, these sites can be unblocked without getting noticed by the internet administrator since the URL of the proxy most probably is not blacklisted.